The noodle game: a kids game about grabbing noodles and snatching points, one of the newst party games for kids to come out of the fantastic factory, the noodle game is a fast-paced, nail-biting race to grab as many noodles as you can before the other players. Just like most games for kids, the rules are simple. Use your chipsticks to pluck a noodle from the carton and place it into your bowl. The longer the noodle, the more points you earn but watch out - all the other players will be ready and waiting to snatch your noodle out of the air as soon as they get the chance. Once all the noodles are gone, the player with the most points, wins! The chopsticks are more like over-sized tweezers, making it a party game for boys and girls of all ages. Players can take as long as they want on their turn to pick out which noodle to go for, but this is just the calm before the storm. As soon as the noodle comes out of the box, it's fair game - and since the chopsticks are so easy to use, it really is up for grabs for anyone quick enough to snatch it out the air. Easy to learn, quick to play and the perfect size for a stocking filler for kids. The noodle game would be a great addition to anyone's collection of kids games and makes a great present idea for kids. The entier game comes packaged in a chinese takeaway box, complete your four children's chopsticks, 4 mini plates and 29 noodles in diffrent lengths - plus it's one of the very few gifts for kids under £20, making it a great present idea for kids this christmas. The Noodle game is suitable for 2-4 players!

Product dimesions; 

  • 13.8 x 14 x 18.8 centimeters. 

Product safety; 

  • WARNING: Not suitable for children under 36 months old.

Carton Quantity: 6

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