Rate My Plate Game

Rate My Plate Game

The fantastic factory brings you the new rate my Plate party game. Working in conjunction with the sensational rate my Plate face book page that delivers a party game to end all party games. Rate my Plate is the hilarious new foodie's game that's like all the cooking shows you've ever seen mixed up, folded over and rolled into one awesome ( but crazy ) party game. Each round players take turns to be the 'cook'. The cook has only 3 minuets in which to create the dish named on the recipe card and wow the judged ( all the other players ) with their sensational food creation to score top points, problem is, all dishes must be made using kid's modelling clay, plastic cutlery, a Dish of slime and a whole lot of creativity, at the end of each round your plate is presented to the judges for scoring. it's up to the judge to 'rate or slate' your plate before giving it a score out of 10, but don't worry, you'll soon be scoring their ffort when they step up to be the cook. Each player must create a starter, a main and a desert before all the scores can be added up to find the ultimate winner and star of rate my plate. This is 'clay on Bleu' cooking at it's very worse, watch out for the blindfold round, it could be points killer. 

Product Dimensions; 

  • 31 x 5.8 x 25 centimeters.  

Product Saftey; 

  • WARNING: To be used under the direct supervision of an adult 
  • WARNING: Suitable for ages 16 and above+ 

Carton Quantity: 12

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