Pandemic Hot Zone - Europe

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Pandemic Hot Zone - Europe

Work as a team and eradicate all three viral threats to Europe in this streamlined version of the best-selling Pandemic. Pandemic: Hot Zone – Europe tasks you and your team with finding the cures to three diseases threatening the continent of Europe. Four new characters arrive to make up your elite disease-control unit, complete with their own special actions and uses. A new mutation module adds an extra layer of challenge to curing the diseases, creating unique obstacles that will need to be overcome as a team. Based on the bestselling Pandemic, the Pandemic: Hot Zone series continues to emphasize that teamwork and cooperation are paramount to success, but in a smaller form with a quicker playtime that you can take anywhere. Pandemic: Hot Zone - Europe takes it even further with its cross compatibility with other Hot Zone titles to create an even larger, more challenging game. Pandemic: Hot Zone - Europe is the short form, co-op version of the hugely successful Pandemic franchise. Take your team and try your hardest to beat all 3 of the viruses on the map before time runs out.Europe is under attack. Bioterrorists have perfected 3 brand new viral strains and are unleashing them on cities around the continent. You and your 3 crewmates must stop the wave of infection. The roles in Pandemic: Hot Zone - Europe are:The Quarantine Specialist. Using your knowledge and expertise in keeping diseases out of a region, you can stop any virus cubes entering the city you are in. This does not take effect during setup, or during Infect stages.The Containment Specialist: With your experience in containing viruses and illnesses, you can contain diseases that have already taken hold of a city. When you enter a city, remove 1 cube if there are two or more of the same colour. This can even ignore Treatment Resistance mutations.The Pilot: An ace flyer with the ability to take people with him, increasing their movement. You can fly to any city within 2 connections of your current city, and take anyone with you. Ignore any cities in between for their effects.The Virologist: Because of your years of practice in the medical field, you know how to use the tools you have at hand. As a Virologist, you can substitute cards with other cards to pay for a discovered Cure.Pandemic: Hot Zone - Europe can also be combined with Pandemic: Hot Zone - North America and any future Pandemic: Hot Zone releases! This includes swapping roles, mutation cards, or even combining the maps for a larger experience.Work together to beat the virus once and for all!

Product Dimensions; 

  • 23 x 5.4 x 15 centimters. 

Product Safety;

  • Not suitable for children under 36 months. 

Carton Quantity: 6

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