Nocto Arakno

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The awesome interactive arachnid

Meet Arakno if you dare!

This super creepy interactive arachnid definitely looks scary, but get to know him and he will soon become your loyal spider sidekick.

  • Over 50 interactive features, lights & sounds.

Play against Arakno

Arakno comes with 4 interactive games; 'Catch The Fly', 'Fruit Fly Machine'', 'Swat It' and 'Web, Spider,Fly'. See if you can beat Arakno, but beware he's a sore loser!

Set Arakno to protect mode

Afraid of the dark? Arakno isn't! Hell use his spider sensors to keep watch in protect mode. To see how, hang him from his web. When he detects movement, his web will release, suddenly dropping him down.

Watch Arakno scuttle

Arakno loves scuttling around and his scary movement is sure to startle suspecting targets! Set him to Scuttle Mode and he will count down before he zooms away into your parents bedroom.

Hang Arakno

Turn his world upside down and hang Arakno up using his special pull-out web and hanger accessory. He loves finding new places to hang out so make sure you take his hanger with you Wherever you go.

  • Arakno is 20cm long
  • Includes hanger accessory
  • Retracting web protect mode
  • 4 play modes
  • Scuttling spider movement
  • ‎3 AA batteries required.

Product Dimensions; 

  • 11.7 x 27 x 27 centimeters.

Product Safety; 

  • Warning:Not suitable for children under 3 years. For use under adult supervision

  • Warning:Toy inside. Adult supervision recommended

Carton Quantity: 3

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